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How to impress a girl?

Men worry and wait for the first date in the same way as the beautiful half of humanity. Feeling their responsibility as organizers of the upcoming rendezvous, they try to make their girls pleased and satisfied. In this article, we will discuss a few tips on how to impress a girl you like.

Tips to impress a girl


Thinking about how to impress a woman, you should know that accuracy is what the girls pay attention to when they meet a man. They do not need striking perfect looks and expensive outfits. You just should not have unwashed shoes and dirt under the nails.

To impress a girl, you need to take care of the following:

  • Perfect cleanliness of the body, hair, and nails. Uncut nails and dirt under them act so repulsively that the first date can be the last only because of this.
  • Pleasant smell. You shouldn’t use too much perfume. Just use an unobtrusive aroma that will complete the image.
  • The immaculate condition of clothes. It may not be new, but it must be clean, ironed, even if it is a T-shirt and jeans. Wrinkled clothes do not give brutality, as many naively believe, but gives the impression of untidiness.
  • Cleanliness of shoes. For most women, the condition of shoes is the most significant criterion. Even if it is raining/snowing, shoes should be clean.

Choosing a date location

When inviting a girl for a date, you need to make sure that the chosen place is comfortable for both of you. Too noisy places are not suitable for communication.

Before planning a cultural program, you should learn about the preferences of the girl:

  • If we talk about a cafe, then we need to find out if she smokes, and if not, take care that there is a non-smoking room in the chosen establishment.
  • If you have an idea of ​​outdoor activities, you need to find out if the girl is not afraid of heights/horses, etc. And also warn her in advance so that she can dress appropriately.
  • When planning a trip to the cinema, theater, or exhibition, find out which genres of art she prefers.


It is essential to calculate the time correctly and arrive first. Ideally, it should be 15 minutes before the appointed time.  This applies not only to the first date but all dates in general. If a girl arrives earlier, and she has to wait for the man, then the mood and impression will already be spoiled.


Any woman wants to feel like a lady next to a caring man. It is difficult to resist and not fall in love before a gentleman with exquisite manners. Not every guy is fluent in etiquette, but such basic things as opening the door and letting the girl go forward, giving her a hand when leaving the transport, and paying the bill in a cafe, must be made by man. And if you come on a date with flowers, then the chances to conquer the chosen one increase significantly.

Sense of humor, and the ability to maintain a conversation

One of the most effective ways to please a girl is to be an interesting conversationalist. The first date is a somewhat stressful event for both parties, connected with anxiety, uncertainty, internal fears, and this can provoke an awkward silence in the course of communication.

A man must be prepared to fill these pauses with a good joke, a compliment, or by proposing a new topic for discussion. Therefore, gathering for a date, you need to think about the topics that will interest the girl, have a few jokes, and funny stories to diversify communication.


Women are impressed when a man takes the initiative, is able to achieve her, and is not afraid to show his feelings. On the first date, hints about sex are likely to push away and make upset a serious girl, but a goodbye kiss will leave an aftertaste of romance and reinforce positive emotions from the date.


It is impossible to find the best ways to impress a girl without spending a penny on a date. And this is not about the mercantile spirit of all women. These are trifles in which signs of attention of the strong half of humanity appear.

A man who went on a date without flowers, did not offer ice cream or water to the lady after a few hours of walking in the park, or invited her to a cafe and expecting her to pay the bill, looks terrible.


Pleasant words make a woman’s heart beat faster and freeze with delight. However, it is necessary to make compliments sincerely and correctly (for example, admiring the grace of a fat girl is at least silly, but her charming smile or gorgeous hair can be noted).

Smile and charm

Thinking about how to please a girl, men often forget about such an important detail as natural charm, mistakenly believing that it is inherent only in Brad Pitt or Ricky Martin, and a simple guy who does not fit into the canons of glossy beauty has no chance to conquer her using a smile. Therefore, a positive attitude, charm, openness, and cheerful disposition are powerful weapons with which you can fall in love with a girl at first sight.

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