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How to Write an Online Dating Profile?

Are you tired of lonesome days and nights but there isn’t any eligible match for you? It is a very common situation nowadays. You may be constantly working among men or you may think that you are too old to get acquainted in the night club. Also you find it difficult to talk to a girl in the street. As a matter of fact, reasons of your loneliness are countless. The most obvious way out of the situation is to try on-line dating. In addition, you heard from your friend a story about some abstract Johnny who met the love of his life on the dating site after years of unsuccessful searches.

Inspired by this example, you join a dating site, create a profile…but somehow things just do not work for you. You get messages from dating profiles created by either unserious eye-candies or old bluestockings. You are about to give away all the matter. Don’t do that! Most likely you fail to write a proper dating profile description. Don’t underestimate the importance of it. Dating profile is a visiting card of you on the site. It helps other people to make an impression of you and your goals on the site. In this article we will tell you how to describe yourself on a dating site. Be ready to note the most important tips.

How to write a dating profile for a man

  1. “About yourself”

This section exists on almost every site where people join to meet someone. The most important thing is that the girls read this block with maximum attention. It helps to understand quickly whether it is possible to communicate with a man or not. The decision can be made on the basis of several phrases which the young man used to characterize himself. The section itself is non-standard. Here a man should describe himself with his own words, without any default lines like “height, weight, bad habits” and so on. And this requires some mental effort.

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Dating profile tips: “What not to do with the section “About yourself”

  • It is strictly forbidden to leave it empty. At least, somehow it should be filled. Didn’t they teach you how to write an essay at school? If not, then you can look for some good self-descriptions online. The main thing is that they must be true for you.
  • You should not to write funny or embarrassing things. Also avoid banalities. For example: “I’m a kind, sympathetic guy, working at the factory. I am looking for a girl here.” That is not the best example of how to write a profile. The fact where you work can be noted in the section of the questionnaire about your career.

About who you are looking for, it will be clear after placing a special check mark during your registration on the site. Fancy that even scammers and maniacs consider themselves kind and sympathetic, so, everything needs to be proved in practice.

  • “Write me and ask!” A similar phrase is often left by guys on their pages on dating sites. But it is a very bad example of how to describe yourself on a dating site. Honestly, we don’t know what they’re hoping for. If they hope that a girl will see photos and fall in love, then they are mistaken. In fact, there aren’t many really handsome men.

And normal women are used to looking not only at the photo, but also observing the words, and what is more important – actions. If the guy of “an average appearance” will write in his profile “Write me and ask”, he will not get many responses or won’t get any at all. Why would she write to a guy whom she does not know and who’s not very special? Let him first fill out a profile, describe himself, make the girl interested in his personality.


In any case it is forbidden to write about personal negative experience that you had once! This is important. Most girls will not understand your psychology, without knowing the real situation with your past. That’s why she will just pass by. In fact, everyone who hangs on dating sites have the same problem– they are looking for their true love. But to write about such a problem is not good as it puts a man on the same level with a woman. And women are looking for strong men, who are able to solve the problems and do not create new troubles. If the girl looked at your profile and saw that you have already had the experience of unhappy love or treacherous relations, she can think anything of you and begin to suspect that it is better not to deal with you.

  1. Photo matters.

We do understand that you’re probably far away from the world of high fashion, but good advice can be gleaned from there. Let us remind that you will not have a second chance to make a positive first impression on a dating site. Before you wonder how to write a dating profile in the best possible way, choose photos. Forget the nonsense about women who get turned on only by what they hear. Modern young ladies need 3 seconds to make a judgement of you, having looked at your photos.Choose 5 best photos where you are alone (not “with the buddies”), and your face and figure are shown in the best angles. A cool photo from the beach or gym will be perfect. But don’t use a photo from home in your old underwear.

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One more advice: never use fake photo or false information. You can only embellish the facts a little, playing with words, but the information must be true. Big lies won’t do any good. Secrets have their own way of getting out. This law has never failed.

So, be honest in your profile, because surely there are people who are looking for just such a person as you, with all your imperfections, preferences, favorite activities – all that makes your personality. Therefore, creating a profile, do not hide anything. What your grandmother told you as a child about honesty is true, and it is honesty that is needed in the creation of a successful profile on a dating site.

  1. “Who I’m looking for” and “I want to find”

To help a girl to start a communication with you, show your vision of the relationship with her as complete as possible. Do not get hung up on the hair color or the shape of the eyes, do not be strict with the age limit of your future chosen one. It is better to write about who you want to see next to you than to list the bad habits that you are not ready to put up with.  Here’s a great example for you. Let’s say that you don’t smoke and you want a non-smoker girl.

Great! But sometimes beautiful girls smoke just because of the curiosity or they think it’s cool. If she loves you, she’ll quit her smoking. And pointing out that you do not tolerate smoking women, you will forever dig a gap between both of you and deprive yourself of the chance to get acquainted with another beauty. Filling in the column “Looking for”, you should address one girl, not the vague audience.  You are not interested in all the girls, you need only your perfect one, right?

Good dating profile examples for men: “It is important for me that your interests are wider than shopping and partying in the club. No, I don’t want to say that this kind of stuff is bad. But I appreciate the depth of personality.” Personal appeal is the thing that hooks. There are no personalities on the dating site. There are images, and if the image is constructed correctly than it will work. There are no clear criteria of correctness, but there are objective moments of popularity for a guy such as masculinity, individuality or humor. Tell about yourself “the best truth”, season it with your charisma. Try a few options, analyze them and choose the best one. Best of luck in your search!

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