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Second date ideas

If the girl agreed for the second meeting, then this means that she liked you, or she gave you a second chance. The perfect second date will allow you to win her heart and get consent for a new meeting.  The key to success will be following some tips that will allow the girl to know the man better.

When to appoint and how to invite a girl for a second date

It is believed that a man should call three days after the first date. However, you can call a day after the last meeting. She will have a day to decide once again whether she will go to the second. It is not necessary to immediately invite her to the second meeting. You can find out how she is doing and chat on general topics.

The next date can be scheduled on the next week. It depends on the employment of both. But the next meeting should definitely be no later than seven days. Otherwise, the young lady might think that the man has someone else, or that he doesn’t like her that much.

If it is not possible to meet soon, then you should call her at least once every three days until that moment to keep in touch. This will reduce the risk that the young lady will accept an invitation from another person. If you stay in touch, the girl will come up with a continuation of the story in advance and will assume that she is already busy with you.

What to say on the second date

On the second date, the boy and the girl already know some general information about each other. You know what to expect on a second date. Now is the time to find out whether they have similar life goals. This will help avoid conflicts in the future.

Questions may be very different. Ask what you really want to know about her. If you have experience of unsuccessful relationships before, try to ask the girl how she would act in this or that situation.

The primary condition is that there should not be an interrogation with partiality. You should develop the topic, go from life to movies and books, and tell about yourself.

Often, men make a serious mistake by letting a woman talk endlessly about herself. If on the first date you didn’t manage to tell about yourself accurately, then there may be no chances after the second.

Where to go on a second date


A little competition has never hurt anyone. Besides, most people love to play bowling. In such places, you probably can drink tea, coffee, or even something stronger and have a snack.


If both of you adore music, then this is a great chance to acquaint your chosen one with your favorite band and have a great time together.


It is not necessary to attend a classical play. After all, sometimes it is very interesting to visit the performance of an independent theater group. You can have a great time and then discuss your impressions.


It is much more interesting than just enjoying a drink at the bar. There, you can find out how craft beer is made, as well as taste various drinks and compare their taste.

Play billiards

This is a great option, even if one of you is a complete newbie in this game. Indeed, in the process of learning, partners have the opportunity to touch each other by chance, which will allow you to get closer. If both of you play well, then you will surely enjoy competing with each other.


Picnic is a classic and reliable option for a second date. A park is a standard place for a picnic, but you can go to the beach or lake as well. After a formal and intense first meeting, the second date on nature will surely be relaxing and comfortable.

Live music

Live performances of musicians are always accompanied by an explosion of emotions. Therefore, a concert can be an excellent connecting experience. For a second date, it is better to find a small concert in a club, restaurant, or on the street. You do not have to spend a lot of money on tickets at this stage. And you will be able to communicate much more among a small crowd than among 15,000 people at the stadium.

What to do on the second date

Here are some tips about what you should do on the second date:

  • If you kissed a girl on the first date, then, welcoming her at a new meeting, do not forget to do the same. If you did not do it, greet her with a friendly kiss on the cheek.
  • Do not make a second date like the first. If the last meeting was active, then this time reserve a table in the restaurant. If for the first time you walked in the park and talked, then the second time you can go to the cinema or theater. Try to choose something opposite to the first date. Girls love variety.
  • An active date will help to reveal yourself better and learn more about the girl. The amusement park will show whether she is afraid of adventure, as it relates to speed. A visit to the quest room will reveal her ability to solve puzzles. In the zoo, it will be apparent if the girl is prone to take care of others, etc.
  • It is too early to acquaint each other with friends or relatives, so wait a little bit with joint trips to the cinema or bar.
  • Do not invite a girl to go to your house after the second meeting. If she is from the category of easy girls, then she would have already done it on the first date. Otherwise, you will have to wait for at least 2-3 more meetings.
  • Memorize everything a girl says. On the second date, the young lady actively shares almost everything. Therefore, this is the right moment to find out about her favorite colors, chocolate, food allergies, etc. This information will definitely help when you choose a romantic gift for her. In addition, if a girl willingly talks about herself, then she is very positively disposed towards you, which means that she will definitely agree for a third date.
  • Be sure to kiss her when saying goodbye. If this was not done on the first or second time, then there will be no third chance.

In general, the second date is even more important than the first. After an unsuccessful first meeting, the girl can give a man a second chance, but after the second it is impossible to get a third chance.

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