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What to do if scammed online dating?

“I am not your fool! You can’t fool me this way!”, you repeat to yourself again and again. But, as the saying goes, you can’t lock up the barn after the horses are gone.

You thought that it could never be with you, but it happened, you have been fooled by a pretty gold digger. She sent you beautiful love confessions, you were chatting every day for a couple of hours. But when the things went serious, she disappeared, having taken with her expensive gifts and thousands of dollars. Your faith in people and love seems to be broken forever. And it hurts your man’s pride very much. But what to do if you became a victim of online dating scams?

Don’t panic! Here you can find a lot of useful information how to avoid scammers who break hearts and ruin bank accounts.

What to do if you have been scammed online dating?

First of all you have to calm down and analyze the situation with a cold head. After all, what is done cannot be undone.

Let’s see different situations:

  • First of all, let me tell you that to fight fraud on the Internet is almost useless. In many well-developed countries lots of money is spent by the government to stop online scams. If a cheater is from your country, you have the chances to catch her. But to arrest a cheater, you need to catch her red-handed while transferring money or goods. Indeed, it is extremely difficult. Think about the amount of the damage. Is it sufficient or not? If it is sufficient then it is worth the effort. In this case you have to contact the local police office and try to provoke the scammer for another cheating, so that she can be caught with proofs.
  • What to do if you became a victim of the international dating scams? The only thing to do it is to learn the lesson. After all, you can’t be going to another country to check if the information provided by a girl is real. And the local authority is most likely to refuse helping you unless you have a really strong proof. What can you tell to them? “I gave presents to a girl and supported her with the money but she left me. Now I want everything back!” Seriously?
  • If you met a girl at the free dating site, then you cannot do anything. An appeal to the administration responsible for the placement of sites will lead, at best, to the blocking of the resource, which is unlikely. But if internet dating scams happened at the paid site with a premium membership, you should complain to the administration. Most of well-reputed dating sites have strong anti-scam policy. They carefully check their ladies and if still online romance scams occur, they do everything in their power to punish a scammer. They fine the agency who registered the girl. Also they black list such ladies from the site and even report to similar dating sites.

Life hack: if you type in a search engine “black lists” (“marriage scams”, “list of scammers”, “internet romance scammers list”), you will get links to websites and forums where scammers are revealed. There you will see photos as well.  Of course, scammers often change accounts. But there are lazy ones among them. So, you may found your “True Love” among them. Also you will read a lot of true stories about scams and cheaters. This is the very case when you’d better learn on somebody’s mistakes.

How to avoid dating website scams?

It known that prevention is better than cure. Here are my useful tips how to recognize a scammer at once:

  1. If you started communicating with a scammer on a dating site, she will make every effort to please, gain trust and make you fall for her. Such girls are excellent psychologists and know how to interest a man from the first minute. They will become the owners of the very qualities that you are looking for in your partner. She will be sociable, demonstrate a real interest in your life and willingness to support at any moment. You will feel that you have found your Only One so quickly and easily, isn’t it a miracle?
  2. To recognize a cheater on a dating site at the first stage of your communication, you have to invite her to meet in real life. You can also ask her to chat in Skype to check if you are communicating with a real person. Usually after this offer scams disappear: some of them urgently need to go on a business trip, others complain about poor Internet connection or lots of work. Be attentive when you read such excuses.
  3. If you met a girl at the paid site, the girl will immediately insist on leaving this dating site and continuing communication via e-mail or free social networks.
  4. She has been registered on the site for several years: what has she been doing here all this time? Ask why she is still looking for her love online.
  5. In the first days of acquaintance, she confesses her love and writes sensual love letters.
  6. She tells that she lives abroad or being a citizen of another country. She says that she will visit you soon, but at the last moment the trip is postponed. She may also ask money for airline tickets and visa fee to your country but she never comes.

If in your conversation there is at least one of these points, it is better to stop communicating with her immediately.

There are several rules that must be followed in order not to be a victim of dating scams online, who are hunting for easy money and deceiving users of dating sites. Remember them and keep your eyes open.

  • It is important to remember that the main purpose of any scammer is to obtain material benefits. Usually such women behave actively and immediately begin to hint at the material issues. They constantly need money for some “serious problems”. Do not send money to new girlfriends, even if you are convinced that their lives depend on it.
  • These new acquaintances push the man for expensive shopping trips, dinners in restaurants and luxury rest in night clubs where the man will pay both for himself, and for the companion. Most of such girls will try to avoid intimacy by any means. Their goal is to get something from a man without giving him anything in return.
  • Never share personal information! For a skilled cheater it is enough to know your name and phone number to deprive you of your money. Never provide your home address and place of residence, place of work, and any identity documents. In addition, do not send any explicit photos, even if you already communicate with this person for a long time because blackmailing is a popular dating scam format.

If you still agreed to meet with a person from a dating site, it is better to warn your friends or relatives about the place and time of your meeting, especially, if you come for a meeting to another country. Leave your close people the contact details of the girlfriend. Do not agree to a first date in the evening in the park; make an appointment in a public place, for example, in a restaurant or in a movie. And remember: your safety depends on you! Don’t give scammers even the smallest chance to hurt you!

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