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What to do when online dating doesn’t work?

Everything in this world has its price. For material goods we pay with our money, for money we pay with our time. The question is only what price you are going to pay for the things you dream about. Lonely people are ready to do almost anything to find their True Love.

They join lonely hearts club, use the services of matchmakers and even ask their close friends for help. It is believed that one of the easiest ways to find someone is to try online dating.

In the beginning it seems very easy and exciting: you create a profile and dive into the virtual worlds of the beauties. It is true that dating sites can offer anything to anyone. There are slim and plump girls, blondes and brunettes, business ladies and cozy housewives. But the days go by, and you still have no one to share a morning cup of coffee. Your disappointment grows and you start thinking “Is online dating not working for everyone or it is just for me?”

First of all, we want to make you sure that online dating really works. Though, there are some conditions that make it successful. To make online dating work, you need to invest a great amount of time and efforts. It would be great to make a proper strategy before finding someone online.

Are really dating sites not working?

  • Let’s be honest, if you use a photo of young Brad Pitt as your profile photo together with the nickname “Hot_Sexy_Guy”, your chances are close to nothing. Moreover, do you really fancy finding a girl who can be attracted with such nonsense? And by the way, who is going to come for a date with her? Brad Pitt himself, really??

  • You can’t say that dating sites not working if you did not take the time and efforts to create a truly nice profile. For this you need to upload the best photos of you, write a nice faithful description and set the proper search criteria.
  • If you do not want to be fooled, you have to keep in mind that a stunning 18-years-old beauty most likely will be not interested in meeting 45-years-old divorced office manager. Be realistic, such girls need either young cool men or men with a lot of money. If your goal is life-long relations, it is not your sphere of interest. Pay attention to the ladies of your age group who have similar interests, enjoy cooking or can create the cozy atmosphere at home.

So, you have done everything that has been told before, but the things still do not work. It means you have come to the stage when online dating does not work for an objective reason.

Problems with online dating

  • Cheaters and scams

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that the pretty lady you are writing to is really pretty or even really lady. Dating sites are full of people who earn their living in a bad way. They hunt for kind-hearted naïve man and cheat them with money. What to do? Never, I say, never send money to anyone! Even if you think that she is the love of your life, even if she tells that someone is dying. You are still strangers to each other. No one in their right mind would give money to a stranger.

  • Lost in understanding

If you only text to each other, you tend to misunderstand at times. Live communication implies tones of speech, expressiveness, non-verbal signals. Text chats are deprived of it. So, you can misunderstand your pen pal, especially if you speak different languages. What to do? Try modern means of communication – voice and video calls as they will give you a more complete picture of the person you communicate with.

  • Live meetings

Yes, there are still meetings in the real life. You can write each other for months, but at the meeting things will be different. Can online dating replace meeting a person in real life? The answer is definitely “No”. Without a real meeting you will not know whether you match or not. One real meeting is worth a hundred of letters.

You may find out that you can’t stand the way she slurps her food or that you do not like the smell of her body. Actually, you cannot do anything about that. The only advice that can be given is not to postpone a real meeting. The longer you pen pal to each other, the more you fancy a perfect image of your interlocutor.

Having considered everything written above, you may come to the conclusion that it is better to try finding love without online dating. After all, if you cannot avoid live meetings, why not then start exactly with the meeting?

How to meet someone without online dating?

That is uneasy but still possible task. The first suggestion is not to rely on your personal luck. Do not think that you will do nothing, and one day the Love of your life will knock your door. Well, the chances exist, but they are as high as winning a billion in a lottery.

So, you have to approach the matter wisely and analyze your current situation.

What is your life like at the moment? Do you go out often and meet new people? If you do not hang out a lot then you have to change your way of life a bit.

Where and how to find a partner without online dating?

  • Socialize with people

If friends offer you to party a bit on Friday night, do not refuse. In the relaxed atmosphere of a pub or a café it will be much easier to start a talk. Don’t be shy! Most of girls are waiting for a man to do the first step. If you see some pretty lady looking in your direction, go ahead. Come up to her and take her phone number.

  • Search among your closest circle

Are your close people trying to introduce you to someone? Don’t refuse. Maybe this will be a disappointment, but it may also be a nice beginning of your personal love story. Use all the chance that Life is giving you.

  • Start something new

If there are no interesting single women in your neighborhood or at your working place, you should change the environment. Start a new hobby, join language classes or attend an exhibition that you like. It will help you to be among like-minded people. That is definitely the best way to meet singles not online because you will have common topics and interests to start your relations.

  • Get acquainted in the street

Be self-confident! You can come up to the girl you spotted on the street. Smile to her, tell a compliment, and ask for her phone number. There is nothing difficult about that. In the worst case she will simply refuse and you will never see her again. Why worry then?

Now you know how to find a date without online dating. The only thing left to do is just to wish you good luck. Be brave and remember that your perfect Love may be waiting for you just round the corner.

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