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Extreme date ideas

Extreme dating is based on the assertion that people are brought together by joint activities and well-coordinated coping experience.  There is always something to discuss and remember after extreme dates. A separate advantage of extreme dates is the fact that it is completely unnecessary to think about topics for conversation in advance. You will not have time to talk at all. Extreme dating may be interesting for girls, but the leading positions of interest are taken by the male head.

Exciting date ideas

Sport dates

Sports dates are one of the most exciting date ideas. This is a great way to keep yourself in good physical shape. The less you and your girl know about the chosen sports discipline, the more fun you will get. The spirit of competition and good-natured rivalry can be regarded as a peculiar form of flirting. You should forget about everything and just enjoy life.

Ice skating date

Ice skating is a classic sports date. Pick her up when she starts to fall. Entourage is winter evening, music, lights, thermos with mulled wine, sandwiches, and ice color lights in the evening.

The date on the rollers

You can roll, touchingly holding hands through the streets of the city and along the alleys of the park. Rollers are the most straightforward and funniest things that modern sport has invented.

Date in the equestrian club

In the equestrian club, it is recommended to feed the horses, relax in the fireplace room, and ride through the wild meadows. Practically in any stable, there will be a stable boy who, for a nominal fee, will teach you and your girlfriend to sit in the saddle correctly.

The date at an auto show

Invite the girl to a motor show or auto show, or even on street night races. In most cases, people get unforgettable nights in such places. It is desirable to take part in this competition and win it.

Motorcycle date

Girls love to cuddle up to the muscular backs of motorcyclists. Imagine yourself as a ghost rider. The faster you go, the stronger she will cling to you. Don’t forget to dress defense clothing at the beginning of the date.

Dating at the amusement rides

According to statistics, 99% of girls like amusement parks as a place for a date. They consider this to be the most adventurous date ideas. A properly planned day in such a park can be exciting for any person.

The date on a Ferris wheel

You should reserve the wheel only for both of you. You can arrange the wheel to for a few minutes when your part reaches its peak. It is recommended to drink champagne on such an improvised top of the world and make wishes. It will be very sad if in this crucial moment it turns out that the girl is afraid of heights.

Mystical date

In each city, you can find communities of people who believe in the existence of parallel worlds, turn stones into gold and regain their eternal youth. Periodically, these wizards gather to perform magical rituals with spells and chants. This is a real reality show. If you can find such incendiary guys in your city, arrange such a mystical date for your girlfriend.

Graffiti date

Armed with spray cans, paint the slabs of the concrete fence. First, you will have to find such a sad fence that is eager to become fun and colorful. You can draw something life-affirming and sunny together. By the way, it is impossible to draw on transformer booths and bridge supports.

A date in the quarries

Looking for crazy date ideas, you should definitely think about this. You can explore urban catacombs and abandoned quarries and caves in search of hidden treasures. This is a rather dangerous adventure, and it is not recommended to realize it without prior speleological preparation. Take care of your safety. Prepare special equipment to make it more convenient. It is easy to buy radios. Do not get lost in the catacombs, and do not lose each other. And yes, such a date is not for everyone.

A date in a balloon

The girl will remember such a date for a long time. However, it is necessary to make everything in such a way the memories are not limited to clinging to the side of the basket with your hands. A bright dome above the heads, a torch flame, a glass of champagne, and beauty under your feet should make the date to be perfect. There is nothing better than to soar at the height of a bird’s flight, in a balloon, with a girl who hugs you tightly because she is afraid of height.

A date on a helicopter

All village squares and picturesque suburb lawns are at your disposal. This is an expensive version of the balloon flight. But if your generosity knows no limit, then you can organize such an unforgettable date.


Play geocaching together. You can use GPS and laptop for tips. Choose a goal that would help you to get cultural and geographical knowledge in addition to satisfaction. For sure, it will be one of the most exciting dates.

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