What is Intimacy in a Relationship, and Why is it Important?

Intimacy is considered one of the most beautiful feelings of intimacy in a relationship. This is one of the essential parts of an intimate relationship. But it can also be in relationships with friends and family members.

What does intimacy mean in a relationship? It is one of the most popular questions about intimacy. Thanks to it people can connect with each other very strongly. We can be delighted when we feel close to a loved one. In our article, you will learn the signs of intimacy in a relationship and much more.

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Types of Intimacy in a Relationship

Not many people know that there are many different types of intimacy. There is not only physical. Physical intimacy is perceived more as part of sex, but while this part is pretty essential in a relationship, there are many things more sensitive than physical intimacy.

stages of physical intimacy in a relationship

Now let’s learn a little more about these types of intimacy in a relationship.

Physical proximity

Physical intimacy is often considered just sex, but this intimacy also includes hugging, holding each other’s hands, and so on. And although sex is pretty important in a relationship, you can show your love to your partner by hugging, kissing, petting, holding hands, and touching the skin.

Such physical acts can show your partner a lot, and your relationship can change for the better.

There are also stages of physical intimacy in a relationship:

  • Eyes to the body
  • Eyes to eyes
  • Voice to voice
  • From hand to hand
  • Hand to shoulder and hand to waist
  • Mouth to mouth and hand to head
  • Hand to body
  • Mouth to body

Emotional intimacy

Is intimacy important in a relationship

You must understand that always is intimacy important in a relationship. And emotional intimacy is so very much needed as well. You can show and share your personal and deep feelings with your loved one through emotional intimacy.

Why is intimacy important in a relationship? Thanks to emotional intimacy, if you experience it with your partner, then you can subconsciously trust them, you feel safe with this person, and there is also a feeling of protection.

If you have conversations in a relationship about those things that cause you anxiety or about your future with them or consolation, then you have no problems with intimacy.

Intelligent proximity

building intimacy in a relationship

Through intellectual closeness, you can communicate your thoughts to your partner. These can be ideas, questions, and opinions. Of course, not every person will be pleased with some view, and sometimes it may be that they will not converge on your person, but you can also jokingly challenge each other, which many people like.

What are some examples of intimacy in a relationship? One example of intellectual intimacy is discussing a book each partner has read and is now expressing an opinion on. Most importantly, be able to keep your emotions under control, if you can very much disagree with your partner’s opinion. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if you don’t like it. Just try to get your point across in the easiest way possible. And then your intellectual intimacy will be more and more enriched.

Empirical closeness

Signs of intimacy in a relationship

How to improve intimacy in a relationship? Empirical closeness is a rather peculiar type of closeness. Common pastimes and also joint hobbies and activities are suitable for her. This type often helps people get closer, as everyone likes to do their favorite activities with their famous people.

Remember, shared experience is the first and foremost guarantee of a good and healthy relationship. In this way, you will also have a lot of additional topics for discussion, as well as pleasant moments.

Spiritual intimacy

How to increase physical intimacy in a relationship

Most likely some girls asked this question. What intimacy means to a man who in believes in god or other higher powers? In spiritual intimacy, you can share true beliefs and values. It’s not difficult as you can think. You must understand what the effects of lack of intimacy in a relationship can be if you don’t share your partner’s views. Very often, spiritual intimacy can be seen in religious rites, discussions of spiritual topics, and even spending time together.

No Intimacy in a Relationship. What Could it Be?

Every person and every relationship deals with quarrels, because of which there are ups and downs in relationships. But many reasons can lead to a lack of affection and intimacy in a relationship. It has nothing good for your connection. It also happens that intimacy disappears due to the fact that it appeared very early in the relationship, and due to factors and various actions, it was not kept.

Intimacy problems in a relationship, which make it very difficult for people in a relationship:

  • Conflict. Due to the fact that people often quarrel with each other, they will not feel close, which is very harmful to their relationship. If you feel resentment, anger, and distrust, then there will be absolutely no intimacy in your relationship.
  • Stress. If people in a relationship feel stressed, which could be from work, finances, family, children, health, etc., they will destroy and kill the intimacy. And eventually, the relationship will be complicated.
  • Communication problems. It is pretty tricky for people to experience intimacy if they cannot articulate their feelings and, even more so, their needs. One of the most important rules of all relationships is to talk and listen to your partner, as this action keeps the connection close.
  • Fear of intimacy. Very often, people are afraid to enter into a relationship because of the fear of intimacy. This may come from bitter experiences in the past or from other people’s stories. With such people, you need to be very careful and gentle so as not to injure them even more.

What Are Signs of Intimacy in a Relationship? And What is The Effect?

What does intimacy mean in a relationship

Intimacy is considered one of the essential feelings in people’s lives and relationships. Because closeness forms the basis for communication and connection, and thanks to the latter, people can understand themselves and understand that others also support them, just as a person can receive the comfort and care that everyone always needs.

When you feel it, you can understand that you are building intimacy in a relationship, which is very important.

When the intimacy stops in a relationship, what needs to be done to have an effect?

  1. Make sexual desire much more. Thanks to research, various scientists have proven that if a couple in a relationship experiences intimacy for a long time, their sexual desire and sexual activity are increased, which is achieved by many different couples.
  2. Relationships couples like if they have intimacy in the relationship.
  3. Physical health can also improve, as those people who have an intimate relationship can have much better health than those who have not engaged in private life. Through one study, we may know that happy relationships affect health in the same way as diet and exercise and may also reduce the risk of chronic disease and death.
  4. There is an improvement in mental health. Good intimate relationships that involve intimacy are significant support for mental health. Personal relationships are also good at helping to deal with stress and other factors that make people mentally tricky.

How to Fix Intimacy Issues in a Relationship?

What are some examples of intimacy in a relationship

Very often, it happens when intimacy is gone in a relationship, or it becomes invisible. In order for your relationship not to fall apart, you need to learn how to increase the level of intimacy. But for this, you need to be very careful.

Then how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship?

Physical proximity

Through physical intimacy in relationships, namely sensitive sex, partners can begin to feel as safe as possible next to each other, which is considered very important since we can then share our likes and dislikes.

But you need to check that your partner wants the same thing as you. And in the end, you will have the same space where you can feel as comfortable and safe as possible, as well as share with each other your thoughts, experiences, and information that you would not tell other people.

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Variety in Relationships

How to improve intimacy in a relationship

It often turns out that relationships begin to fade, and for this, you need to diversify intimacy. How to spice up intimacy in a relationship?

  1. Take a look and try something new. To do this, you can diversify your intimate life since it often turns out all couples in love have the same sexual scenario.
  2. Resume your kisses when you kissed as a teenager.
  3. Make romantic dates for each other.
  4. Be sure not to hide and share your fantasies.


Intimacy in relationship is important issue that you should keep your eye on in case you want to build strong connection with your partner. Do not focus all your attention on one type while ignoring others. Try to balance and always let your partner know what you think and how you feel.  Consider all above-mentioned recommendations to make your path to happy relationship as smooth as possible.

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