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Farmers dating

Farmers Dating

Almost no people want to spend time in stuffy apartments in summer. People wish to get to nature, so they try to spend every free moment by the sea, river,…

equestrian dating

Equestrian Dating

Horse riding is undoubtedly a useful and pleasant pastime, which can also be combined with a romantic date to get a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions. Sometimes you want…

10 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

10 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

Now the sport is on the top of popularity. It is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle and devote free time not to watching serials on your favorite couch, but…

10 Romantic and cheap date ideas

10 Romantic and Cheap Date Ideas

As soon as the girl agrees to a date, a question immediately lights up in the head of the guy. He wonders how can he do everything smartly so that…

Date ideas for couples

Date Ideas for Couples

Do you want to organize an unforgettable meeting with your partner and you are thinking about date ideas for couples? Or are you planning a first date with a new…

How to make romantic night?

How to make romantic night?

Everyone wondered how to make a romantic night to make it unforgettable. For the realization of romantic date night ideas you need to create an appropriate atmosphere. There are many…

Valentine's day date

Valentine’s Day date

 Valentine’s Day date is considered to be lovers day.  The history of this holiday is very interesting and unusual.  Date Valentine Day is celebrated wordwide on February 14th. Nowadays, it…

Dinner ideas for two

Dinner ideas for two

If you want to refresh your relationship with the color of romance? Our article “Dinner ideas for two” will tell you how to create a pleasant atmosphere, what dishes to cook…

Romantic dinner on a yacht

Romantic dinner on a yacht

When it comes to a romantic dinner, everybody wants to come up with something unusual. A restaurant, a walk around the night city, a date on the roof — all…

Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For many lovers on the eve of Valentine’s Day, many questions arise. They simply do not know where and how to spend it, they do not have any Valentine’s day…